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The Expert Tele-summit on Improving Your Business was a great success! If you missed it or just want to listen again, we’ve turned the recordings into handy podcasts ready for you to listen to at your leisure.

Do let me know what you loved about the talks – drop me a line at wendy@corporatecrossovers.com
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To your success!

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Gina Romero from The Athena NetworkThe Freedom To Fail

Presenter: Gina Romero from The Athena Network

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We are all afraid. Every day we are afraid. We’re afraid of missing deadlines and appointments, of running out of money, failing our exams, we’re afraid of being late, of losing our jobs, of disappointing our families. Of not being perfect. But what exactly is it that we are afraid of? Mostly, we are afraid to fail. But Gina is probably less afraid of failure than most people – mainly because she has already failed. A lot.

Gina will share some of her greatest failures, the lessons she has learned and how she used them to turn her life around over and over again. Gina believes that only through failure can we begin to understand what success really means. Failing is a part of life, so we need to give ourselves the freedom to fail.

Join Gina and I to learn of her fascinating story, and also gain pithy lessons you can apply to you and your business.

About Gina:
Gina is an entrepreneur, business strategist and a community leader. She is a recognised leader in supporting start ups and small businesses in Singapore. She has started a thriving women’s business network there and also created a boutique business consultancy, Unconventional Business Thinking.

Gina often introduces herself as someone who has failed many times because she believe it is her failures, not her successes that are most significant. It is the failures that made her the person that she is today and they will continue to shape who she becomes.

So now she has dedicated her life to helping others succeed. And built communities where professionals and entrepreneurs can help each other succeed.


Jo Tall from OffToSeeMyLawyer.comIs Your Website Legal?

Presenter: Joanna Tall from Off To See My Lawyer

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Many entrepreneurs do not actually know if their website is legal or not!

And how should they know? When they set up their websites, whether they have followed a ready-made template or appointed a web designer, the focus will have been on the content and functionality and not the legality of the site.

What’s more, no alarm bells ring out when a website goes live alerting them to the fact that the Distance Selling Regulations apply or that the Information Commissioner is about to take down their site for unlawful data processing!

Only recently, a business was fined £500,000 for not complying with the Data Protection Act. So, just in case you are one of those entrepreneurs or are about to launch a website, this talk will cover key areas such as selling on-line, data protection law compliance, key information to give to visitors and the new cookie law, all with a dose of fun from Legal Mary Poppins!

About Jo:
Jo is a solicitor with over 20 years’ experience in commercial & IT law having worked both in high profile City of London law firms and freelance for global companies through her parent business Trading Terms Ltd. In October 2009 she founded “Off to see my lawyer.com”, a virtual law firm for female entrepreneurs. Her speciality is advising on all things that make a business tick – from website t’s & c’s, selling online, drafting tailor made agreements for businesses to reviewing advertising copy and competitions.

She is the legal columnist for the glossy magazine for entrepreneurs, the Market, backed by James Caan and has featured in Mike Southon’s entrepreneur column in the FT and been published in the Times legal section.

Jo grew up abroad and went to local schools in France and Germany. She speaks fluent French and German (and pretty good Spanish) which will come in handy for those cross border deals when you start to expand!

Jo lives in South West London and is married with 2 children. In her spare time she loves windsurfing (represented Great Britain in the Barbados World Championships in 1983), sailing, running (London Marathon 2001), travel writing and learning Turkish.


Helen Crozier from helencrozier.comFive Steps to Mastering Modern Technology the Keyboard Karma Way

Presenter: Helen Crozier from HelenCrozier.com

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Are you spending too long on your computer/smartphone and not achieving your dreams? Is your health suffering? Are relationships on the backburner? Follow this five step path to get back in control of your time and truly enrich your life by using your computer/smartphone in ways you might not have heard of before.

· Perform an investigation: where do those 168 hours in a week actually go?
· Overcome distraction: how to stop feeling scattered and experience more ‘flow’.
· Improve communication: need to work on your family/social relationships?
· Commence rejuvenation: become more productive and reduce stress immediately!
· Be open to innovation: smart, savvy tools that make a difference already exist!

About Helen:
Helen Crozier has lived and breathed technology since working for IBM as a business graduate in the mid 80′s. Exploring the internet’s new social tools became a passion after working for ninemsn as they launched chat rooms and forums. Then came the world of mobile and Helen completely immersed herself in smartphones and tablets.

The latest explosion in web software became of great interest to Helen. While she is always on the search ways to improve productivity she is now also focusing on how to achieve more by working less. While technology has brought a certain level of convenience some clients are now feeling that the promised freedom is not always a reality. Digital work has crept into personal space previously reserved for downtime, restoration and face to face connection.

Helen’s latest obsession is to find all the possible ways to counteract this and regain a life by using technology more mindfully. Teaching others how to live a richer and paradoxically more connected life has become paramount.

Helen offers one on one training, workshops in Sydney plus global online education on a range of topics including email, workflow, information, communication, and productivity.


Laura WestDiscover Your Unique Treasure Chest of Gifts!

Presenter: Laura West from Joyful Business

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Learn how you can creatively package your passions, talents & experiences into tele-classes, workshops, webinars and products to reach more people and make more money in your business.

Laura believes you are sitting on a goldmine! You have a unique blend of experiences, expertise, passion and gifts that you can package into an engaging and compelling product or program. Being able to work with groups or reach large numbers of people is the secret to growing your business quickly and easily.

You’ll learn how you can package your passion, talents and experiences as a go-to-expert. This will set you apart in your niche, give you excellent credibility and make you more money, by reaching more people.

About Laura:
Laura West is a Passionista for creativity in business! She believes that when you shift your energy, confidence, creativity, AND take action, you’ll create the business of your dreams. As a Creative Business Coach, author, speaker, and Visual Facilitator, Laura is known for turning marketing on its head and making business fun, creative, practical, and real.

Laura loves to work with creative entrepreneurs and creative thought leaders who have a mission to create a better world with their gifts and expertise: their work is a calling, and they can’t imagine doing anything else. Laura helps makes this easy, exciting and very do-able!


Keren Lerner - Top Left Design9 ways to make your website a super-powered marketing tool

Presenter: Keren Lerner from Top Left Design

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Most businesses nowadays have a website. There are so many possibilities within a website to make it an incredible communication tool, answering FAQs and giving information about your services and why people should choose you.

With the right planning, design and strategy, a great website can continuously attract people and opportunities to your business.

However, sadly, many websites fail to bring forward the best messages. The most common problems are:

· Websites look too templated
· They are badly built and don’t work in different browsers or mobile devices
· Designs can be uninspiring
· Their websites are out of date
· There is nothing to entice people to come back

In her usual straightforward and practical style, Keren Lerner will share practical tips on how you can make your website more attractive, engaging, and interactive so it’s working harder for you.

About Keren:
Keren Lerner runs Top Left Design – a Soho based design and marketing agency.

She has 8 members of staff – talented and friendly designers and coders who create websites their clients can be proud of. They combine unique design and marketing to “bring out the magic”.

Keren comes from a design background and has herself grown her business and her network over the last 11 years with clients coming from word of mouth referral and repeat business.

She also regularly speaks, writes and teaches about blogging, design, marketing and social media.


Francesca Geens - Digital DragonflyGo fromTechnophobe to Tech Ninja

Presenter: Francesca Geens from Digital Dragonfly

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All you need to know about IT when running your own business

Technology is essential for our business, but do we really know what we are doing and make the most of it? Join Francesca as she demystifies IT for us non-geeks!

Join us for this informative session and discover:
* The 5 most common technology mistakes made by business owners and how to avoid them
* 3 reasons why The Cloud is great for a small businesses
* The best tools to stay productive
* How to run your business from anywhere and any device

About Francesca:
Francesca Geens founded Digital Dragonfly to offer technology advice to the growing number of independent professionals. Working with freelancers, coaches and consultants from all sectors, Digital Dragonfly gives those running their own businesses confidence in the tech tools they rely on day to day- from email to backup to cloud working.

Passionate about productivity and getting things done with the right tech tools Francesca loves helping her clients become tech ninjas.

She is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Technology for Independent Professionals, Office 365 specialist, Art History scholar. On weekends she is often found cycling along the Kent coast with her young family.


Tamsin Fox-Davies Constant ContactGrow Your Business With Email & Social Media

Presenter: Tamsin Fox-Davies from Constant Contact

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This highly informative session will take you from marketing novice to socially savvy in one go. You’ll learn the best approach to marketing in today’s economy, and how to create real campaigns that will get you results. You will also gain an understanding of how social media, including email, can be best used to promote your business. Attend this call and walk away with your OWN marketing strategy for your business.

The questions this session will answer include:

* How do I create a marketing strategy?
* What is the best type of marketing campaign for my business?
* How do I run a campaign on social media?
* How do I know what/when/how to post?
* How to use email as a social medium?
* How do I tie email and social media together for maximum impact?

About Tamsin:
Tamsin Fox-Davies is Constant Contact’s educational marketing expert in the UK. Tamsin has more than 10 years experience supporting small business, with a background in small business marketing and development. She is a published author, and also writes for the Constant Contact blog, Women Unlimited, and other national and regional outlets. She sits on the board of the Association of UK Business Mentors, and founded the Entrepreneurs’ Finishing School.

Tamsin draws from this experience to be a valuable resource to UK small businesses, not-for-profits, and associations. She has educated more than 1,000 small businesses on behalf of Constant Contact since joining the team in March 2012, and has presented at The British Library, Entrepreneur Country, Social Media Week London, Our Social Times, and the Social Media Strategies Summit.

Prior to Constant Contact, Tamsin ran her own business, supporting, mentoring, and training other small businesses in practical marketing. She built her business using face-to-face networking, and online marketing, and now shares that experience with other business owners.

Tamsin has an MA (Joint-hons.) from the University of Glasgow.


Joanna Martin from Shift LifestyleThe Shift: How Women Will Change the World Through Business

Presenter: Dr Joanna Martin from Shift Lifestyle

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At the Vancouver Peace Summit in 2009 The Dalai Llama proclaimed “The world will be saved by the Western Woman”. A tall order; a bold claim! And one that can leave us thinking – OK… but how?

With competing priorities such as career, family, our relationship, and staying healthy, how do we find time to save the world as well? Yet we know in our hearts it’s up to us.

In this touching, useful and often downright hilarious presentation, Lifestyle Entreprenuer, Dr Joanna Martin will reveal:

· How women have become masculinised in the business environment
· How to shift into your feminine power in business to get more done with less effort
· A blueprint for running your business from your feminine, enjoying wild success, and the lifestyle you always dreamed of.
· How following your business dreams will save the world!

If I told you that you could have all the wealth, all the holidays, all the love, all the health and all the joy you could handle – would you want to know how? It’s possible when you make the Shift.

About Joanna:
Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after educator who has taught over 55,000 people on three continents. She is one of the world’s most successful and inspirational speakers having taken her own business from stand still to 7 figures, and two countries, in 12 months. She is widely regarded as a Lifestyle Design Specialist.

She started her working life as a medical doctor, then an actor before launching her career as a speaker. She now runs what she calls “The Ultimate Lifestyle Business”.

Spend more than a moment with Joanna you will never forget her! She is one of the most entertaining speakers in the field of entrepreneurialism and personal development. She was trained at the prestigious “Actors Centre Australia”, where other alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. And it is her odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off first class honours in medicine combined with her irreverent performer’s attitude that make her presentations and interviews truly unique and life-changing. She brings a quirky and feminine approach to an industry dominated by men.

Now based between London and Melbourne, she trains entrepreneurs and professional women in lifestyle design, entrepreneurship and presentation skills. With her partner Greg, through their business, Shift Lifestyle they provide strategy and support for business owners who want to join the “Lifestyle Revolution” and build a life, not just a living.


Julie Hall - Women Unlimited WorldwidePricing For Profit

Presenter: Julie Hall from Woman Unlimited Worldwide

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Pricing is one of those really tricky subjects. What should you charge your clients? How much is too much? How much is enough? I think every entrepreneur and business owner struggles with this and then once they decide on a price, many discover that it isn’t enough!

In this session we will look at the different formulas you can use, briefly touch on mindset and help you decide what pricing models you should be using in your business.

About Julie:
Julie Hall is the founder of Women Unlimited Worldwide which launched in 2008 to help women create and grow successful micro businesses. Since it’s launch it has gone on to become the UK’s most popular women in business website and now has over 20,000 women within it’s community. It has taught over 4,000 women practical business skills that they can apply in their business. The quality of the training is what sets Women Unlimited training apart and the ability to make complex topics simple.

Julie is a champion for women business owners and is enthusiastic about helping women to create the business that is right for them. In September, she is launching the innovative Women Unlimited Business Club for women who really want to take their business up a notch. You can check out whether there is one in the UK launching near you on the Women Unlimited website (www.womenunlimitedworldwide.com/businessclub)


Simonne GnessenImprove Your Relationship with Money and Your Business

Presenter: Simonne Gnessen from Wise Monkey Financial Coaching

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Shying away from looking at the numbers in your business? Join Simonne as she gets to the heart of our relationship with money by taking you through the 7 Laws of Sheconomics.

Discover what stops us from looking at the numbers and how we can overcome this
* The importance of setting financial targets and monitoring them
* Why we need to be in control of our personal finances when running a business

Learn how your relationship with money impacts on your business
* Explore the major influences on your relationship with money
* Understand how your habits and attitudes about money support or sabotage your financial goals

Discover the 5 essential key money habits for your business

About Simonne:
Simonne Gnessen is one of the UK’s leading financial coaches, founder of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching and co-author of Sheconomics – a finance book for women. In 2002, disillusioned with the financial services industry, she left her role as an adviser and broke new ground by designing a money-guidance service which is different to traditional financial advice. She focuses on guiding and supporting individuals and couples through the money side of their lives on a practical level, while also helping them address and transform their relationship with money.

Simonne’s mission is to demystify the world of finance, relieve you of the stress of any money worries and to help you use your resources effectively so you can achieve your highest aspirations in life.

Simonne’s work has been featured on BBC radio and TV and in a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines. For more info, visit her websites www.financial-coaching.co.uk and www.sheconomics.com.


Wendy KerrHow to Stop Having An Expensive Hobby and Start Running A Business

Presenter: Wendy Kerr from Corporate Crossovers

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68% of women business owners earn less in their business than in their last job. If this is you, and you’d like to change that then please join us for this session packed with information and practical tools.

On the session Wendy will cover:

* The 5 essential steps to move you from running an expensive hobby to a profitable business
* What you need to do to start working ‘on’ your business and feel in control
* How to fall in love with your financials

When you sign up for the call, you will be sent an e-book packed full of ideas and worksheets to use as your essential guide to stop running an expensive hobby.

About Wendy:
Wendy created Corporate Crossovers to work with women who have left their jobs and set up their own business, and those still in their jobs who may be thinking of leaving. She enables these women to do what they love and earn what they’re worth.

Ten years ago Wendy created her own Coaching business. She has worked with a range of great clients including executives at IBM, Expedia and Barclaycard and also a large number of women business owners around the world. Before she crossed over to coaching 10 years ago she was General Manager at FT.com and raised $70 million listing a dot-com business on the Australian Stock Exchange.

She is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC) and an NLP Practitioner. Wendy has also been featured in The Guardian and on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour.


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